Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Things First

Some of you may know me from my other blogs: 8 years of Growth and The Heart of Ruth. One was created from the loneliness and selfishness of being a new mother, the other as a ministry to others to combat the latter's selfishness. This...this one however is a journey of new proportions.
I have lived through a lot in my fast passing 31 years...someday I hope to write a book on my life. I still want to encourage others, entertain where I can, and find camaraderie in a world of seemingly dead ends and hopelessness. Just as I sit here praying to God that I'm not making a fool of myself and wasting my precious sleep time, I know that there have GOT to be others out there who, despite different circumstances and situations,we all go through the same gamut of emotions and wonderings about what the heck our lives are all about....I refuse to believe I'm the first! So I hope you will spread the word, come back here often and visit me and watch as this journey develops. I'm as curious as you to see where my life leads, and what the point of my being here is.

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