This blog is meant to be a source of comfort to those who feel they are the only ones in the world going through what they are going through. It is meant to be a safe place to voice concerns about your life, as well as mine; a place to face fears and gather Hope from the knowledge that we are in fact not alone...but that we all suffer from insecurity and doubt and grow our Faith from encouraging one another. But most of all it is a place to feel Loved, when the rest of the world continues to be a dark scary place. I don't claim to have all the answers; I can only give of my experiences,mistakes and successes and pray that it reaches someone-somewhere. All I want from my life are 3 things- the only 3 things that seem to ever remain somehow: Faith(that God is still there and will never leave me),Hope(that things HAVE GOT to get better for me and my children)and Love(that my life is not a mistake because I was lovingly created by a loving Creator).

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