Saturday, March 23, 2013

Forward Facing Hindsight


You have released me from my torment
sent me soaring to places I've never found
Then in an instant it all changes
as you yank me back down.

Sometimes I swear you do it just so you can control
one last shred of your life 
that you can choose to hold or let go.

You know that you own me, from day one
I was a fool
I let you know too much too soon,well played
you were cool.

You played your hands but always keep that Ace
meanwhile I betrayed all my thoughts and hands
on my face.

They say I'm cold,distant and cruel and I wish I had become 
that way,
the very fact that I'm not has proven what they say.
I've never been here before and I don't know this road.
I've heard of it in nightmares from others who have told
of broken promises and lies and half committed hearts
and how talks of forever tear braided cords apart.

Now all I long for is the boisterous solitude
of a mundane life taken for granted
surrounded by my brood.

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